What Questions Do I Ask My Photographer Before Booking?

I’m assuming you have found a photographer with a specific style that you like. From this point, you need ask questions that can’t readily be answered by looking at their website.

How do they manage in the rain?

What Questions Do I Ask My Photographer Before Booking?

Are they still able to create the images you’ve fallen in love with, if the weather is less than ideal. Not all venues are suitable for indoor intimate bridal portraits, and they may well have beautiful gardens. It’s important your photographer is confident in any given location, with the tools and creative drive to make the best of it.

Do you receive images in web resolution, full resolution or both?

Full resolution images are needed for printing, and you will need to check you have permission to have the images printed. Print shops are increasingly asking for proof of ownership, or the right to print the images. Web resolution means you can upload to social media channels without having to resize etc.

Can you provide a list of the essential groups?

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It’s important your photographer knows which group images are required, as it can get quite hectic on the day, and members of the congregation have a habit of disappearing to the bar. It’s worthwhile asking the Best Man to assist in rounding up errant family members for the group photographs. That way, your photographer can concentrate on the photography, rather than trying to herd people. It also cuts down the required time quite considerably, allowing everyone to enjoy the day, rather than waiting for the birdie.