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About us


Michael Sewell
MD & Lead Photographer

Hello, my name is Michael Sewell and I am a highly experienced photographer based in Cumbria, UK. With over 35 years of capturing beautiful moments, I have established myself as a trusted professional in the industry. When it comes to wedding photography, I bring joy and passion to every assignment, ensuring that every couple’s special day is immortalised through stunning images.

Over the course of my career, I have worked with renowned organisations such as Getty Images, the Marriott & Macdonald Hotel groups, and various other prestigious hotels. This exposure has allowed me to hone my skills and gain valuable insights into the art of photography.

One aspect that sets me apart is my creativity. Through innovative techniques and a unique artistic eye, I strive to produce images that are not only technically perfect but also visually captivating. Whether it’s capturing the radiant smiles of newlyweds or portraying the intimate moments shared between loved ones, I aim to create everlasting memories.

An expert in lighting, I use this fundamental element to enhance the atmosphere and bring out the best features in each photograph. From soft romantic candlelit scenes to vibrant outdoor celebrations bathed in natural sunlight, I know how to make each setting shine.

Meticulous attention to detail is another key aspect of my work. Whether it’s arranging an elegant composition or ensuring every strand of hair is perfectly in place for a bridal portrait, nothing escapes my meticulous eye for perfection. Every intricate detail contributes to creating breathtaking imagery.

While based in Cumbria, I offer my services throughout the UK. As a traveling photographer, I embrace the opportunity to capture weddings in various locations across the country – from enchanting countryside venues to glamorous city settings. No matter where your dream wedding takes place, rest assured that I will be there with enthusiasm and expertise.

Choosing me as your photographer means entrusting your special day to someone who values professionalism while infusing each moment with passion.

2 Photographers are better than 1…

“With an additional photographer, you not only capture memories but also create an artistic collage that mirrors the depth of your love and happiness.”


Helen Wood

I am fortunate to have Helen as my companion and partner in the photography realm. With her vast knowledge and expertise accumulated over a decade, she has become an extraordinary photographer, particularly skilled at capturing the elegance and grace of movement. Her exceptional talent for dance photography has afforded her incredible opportunities, including collaborations with the prestigious United Dance Organisation.

What makes our collaboration even more delightful is that we are both Cumbria based photographers, enabling us to provide exceptional wedding photography services not only in our local area but throughout the entire UK. We have had the privilege of documenting countless weddings in stunning venues across the country, from intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations.

Together, Helen and I bring a unique advantage to our clients by having two photographers on our team. This allows us to capture every special moment of their big day from multiple angles and perspectives, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. Our dynamic approach ensures that nothing is overlooked – from the tender exchange of vows to the exuberant moments on the dance floor.


What truly sets Helen apart is her ability to infuse joy into her work. Her enthusiasm and passion for photography shine through every image she captures. Whether it’s freezing a candid laughter-filled moment or immortalizing the couple’s first dance with artistic flair, Helen brings an authentic sense of happiness to each photograph.

With Helen by my side, I embark on exciting journeys across the UK, fulfilling our shared vision of providing couples with unforgettable memories of their wedding day – moments they can cherish for a lifetime. Together, we create an unrivaled photographic experience that encapsulates love, joy, and all the magical moments in between.

In summary, Helen is not just my trusty sidekick; she is a true master of her craft. Her remarkable skill in dance photography combined with our extensive experience in wedding photography enables us to offer unparalleled services across Cumbria and beyond.

Capturing love through graceful motion…

“With her keen eye for detail and passion for capturing movement, Helen’s dance photography skills will transform your first wedding dance into a breathtaking work of art.”


Additional Photographer from £150

Having two photographers on our team brings a delightful advantage – we can not only capture the bride’s preparations but also those of the groom. Moreover, it allows us to sneakily seize candid moments as many guests are focused on one photographer or the other. Together, we bring joy and excitement to the world of wedding photography!

Your Special Day…

The Bridal Portrait session is where our skills can really shine. No matter the weather, if you are game, then so are we. We have produced iconic images for hotels and brides alike, in bright sunshine, overcast skies, rain and snow! Whilst it’s these images that have created our reputation as one of the UK’s leading wedding photographers, it doesn’t define our abilities, and nor should you believe this is all that we do. We tailor our photography to your needs and desires, whatever they may be.

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Wedding Photography from £750

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