Having a second photographer at a wedding is incredibly valuable for various reasons. One of the main advantages is that if you prefer a candid and documentary style of photography, the second photographer will discreetly move around the crowd during the group shots. This is where you can find those authentic and spontaneous moments. While the main photographer focuses on organizing the groups, the second photographer can capture precious moments of relatives laughing or children happily playing.
As a wedding photographer myself, I’ve always been enamored with capturing that perfect shot down the long aisle showcasing the back of the bride’s dress during her ceremony. It’s fascinating how this particular image often becomes one of the most beloved by brides when they look back on their special day. You see, once my primary position is established at the front of the venue, I’m pretty much locked in place and unable to move around freely to capture different angles. This is where my trusted second photographer comes into play; they become my saving grace for capturing that iconic shot from behind. Moreover, having an additional perspective throughout various moments like getting ready shots or when capturing moments like when she walks down that aisle or even during those heartfelt speeches really adds an extra layer of depth to our photography coverage. And let’s not forget about all those extra images we’re able to provide for our clients; it truly enhances their overall experience and memories from their big day.
Hiring an extra photographer for your wedding is a small investment with tremendous returns. Not only will you receive an additional 50 or more stunning images, but you’ll also capture precious moments that would have otherwise been overlooked. Helen, my talented second photographer, brings over a decade of experience in dance and performing arts photography to beautifully document your special day.