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  • frequently asked questions by brides and grooms

Frequently Asked Questions

Brides and Grooms often have questions regarding their wedding photography needs, although there are some questions they won’t have thought about.

We receive a very high volume of enquiries, and consequently get asked many questions each day.  Here are some of the questions that come up most frequently. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, or if you’d like more details or information, please just send us a message via the contact form, and we will get back to you.

Clients love pictures where they’re laughing, rather than just smiling. That’s because there’s emotion behind it. We’re capturing energy, not just a still image.


What Are My Payment Options For Wedding Photography?2023-08-08T12:16:24+01:00

Planning and financing your dream wedding can be quite the adventure! From selecting the perfect venue, dress, favours, flowers, and of course, a talented wedding photographer, there are countless details to consider. Managing your budget can be a tricky task on its own, but keeping track of payment options and due dates for all these elements can feel like an absolute nightmare.

Don’t hesitate to have a conversation with your wedding photographer regarding their available payment options. Are they open to accommodating your individual financial situation by creating a personalised payment plan? Keep in mind that budgeting varies for everyone and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We’ve had brides who prefer paying the full amount upfront as it’s a generous gift from a relative. On the other hand, most couples find our standard payment scheme for wedding photography quite satisfactory: an initial 10% booking fee followed by three equal payments leading up to the wedding date. Another alternative is choosing the 10% booking fee option along with six equal payments spread across six months, allowing you to manage smaller monthly instalments comfortably. These payment plans incur no additional charges; they simply provide you with the flexibility of pre-paying through instalments prior to your special day.

Basically, the earlier you book your wedding photographer, the more time they will most likely offer you to pay for the service. We will work with whatever is easiest for you.

When you reach out to us regarding your wedding photography, our form will prompt you to specify your desired coverage. This is where you can indicate how much of the day you would like us to capture. The majority of our couples opt for comprehensive coverage, starting from the bridal preparation all the way to the first dance, encompassing every special moment in between. Interestingly, this happens to be our most popular package. However, we also have couples who prefer a shorter duration of two to four hours, beginning from their arrival at the ceremony venue and concluding with group shots. Once we understand your preferences, we will create a personalised quote tailored just for you.

The quote presents a comprehensive breakdown of costs for wedding photography services with one photographer. Alongside this information, couples have the freedom to customise their package by opting for additional services like a second photographer or choosing from various album options. Moreover, they can decide whether to pay in monthly instalments or make a lump sum payment.

Once the couple has made their selections and accepted the quote, they will receive an invoice detailing all their chosen elements, including the booking fee (minimum 10%) and a clear timeline for future payments. Rest assured that our emailed invoices contain step-by-step instructions on how to settle payments; however, if any queries arise along the way, we are only a phone call away and ready to offer our enthusiastic support.

Do I Need A Second Photographer On My Wedding Day?2023-08-08T11:47:11+01:00

Having a second photographer at a wedding is incredibly valuable for various reasons. One of the main advantages is that if you prefer a candid and documentary style of photography, the second photographer will discreetly move around the crowd during the group shots. This is where you can find those authentic and spontaneous moments. While the main photographer focuses on organizing the groups, the second photographer can capture precious moments of relatives laughing or children happily playing.
As a wedding photographer myself, I’ve always been enamored with capturing that perfect shot down the long aisle showcasing the back of the bride’s dress during her ceremony. It’s fascinating how this particular image often becomes one of the most beloved by brides when they look back on their special day. You see, once my primary position is established at the front of the venue, I’m pretty much locked in place and unable to move around freely to capture different angles. This is where my trusted second photographer comes into play; they become my saving grace for capturing that iconic shot from behind. Moreover, having an additional perspective throughout various moments like getting ready shots or when capturing moments like when she walks down that aisle or even during those heartfelt speeches really adds an extra layer of depth to our photography coverage. And let’s not forget about all those extra images we’re able to provide for our clients; it truly enhances their overall experience and memories from their big day.
Hiring an extra photographer for your wedding is a small investment with tremendous returns. Not only will you receive an additional 50 or more stunning images, but you’ll also capture precious moments that would have otherwise been overlooked. Helen, my talented second photographer, brings over a decade of experience in dance and performing arts photography to beautifully document your special day.

What Questions Do I Ask My Wedding Photographer?2023-08-03T09:37:05+01:00

Planning a wedding is such an exciting journey, and finding the perfect wedding photographer is definitely high on the list of priorities. Here are some joyful questions you should ask to ensure you’re making the right choice:

  1. Can you share more about your photography style? Are you more inclined towards traditional poses or do you prefer capturing candid moments?
  2. How many weddings have you shot in the past? Do you have any specific experience with indoor/outdoor venues or certain cultural traditions?
  3. What is included in your photography packages? Will you be providing both digital copies and prints?
  4. Could we have a look at your portfolio? We’d love to see examples of your work and get a sense of your creativity and expertise.
  5. Do you have backup equipment in case something goes wrong? We want to make sure nothing will disrupt our treasured memories.
  6. Will there be a second shooter or assistant working alongside you? This can help ensure that all important moments are captured from different angles.
  7. How long will it take for us to receive our photos after the wedding? We’re excited to relive those precious moments!
  8. Are there any additional services or add-ons available, such as engagement sessions or an online photo gallery for sharing with friends and family?
  9. Have you worked at our chosen venue before? If not, will you visit it beforehand to scout for beautiful photo spots?
  10. Finally, what is your policy regarding retouching/editing? We want our photos to look natural but also flawless.

By asking these questions, you’ll gain insight into the photographer’s skills, capabilities, and compatibility with your vision for the day.

Photography As A Passion

For me, photography is an art of observation. Finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.

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