“Creating unique images during the bridal portrait session, is something I particularly enjoy”

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Wedding Photography Packages

“No two love stories are the same, and neither should be your wedding photography. Experience the beauty of custom-made packages.”

Introducing our Bespoke Wedding Photography Packages! As a Cumbria-based wedding photographer, I am thrilled to offer my services to couples all across the UK. With flexible timings, you can choose to have me there for just 2 hours or capture your special day from beginning to end.

Our base package, the digital images package, ensures that your cherished memories are forever preserved. It includes a stunning decorative USB presented in an exquisite case. However, if you desire something more tangible, I also offer an album option for you to relive those magical moments whenever you please.

To take your wedding photography experience up a notch, why not consider adding a second photographer? This enables us to capture candid images throughout the day or of the bride and groom getting ready, giving you an authentic glimpse into those intimate pre-wedding moments.

As part of our commitment to making your day truly remarkable, we also offer a Bridal portrait session. With exceptional lighting techniques, we guarantee that these portraits will reflect the radiance and beauty of the bride in her absolute splendour.

Your wedding day is one filled with joyous celebration and everlasting love. Allow me to artistically document every emotion-filled moment. Whether it’s capturing the tearful exchange of vows or the exuberant laughter on the dance floor, we pride ourselves on creating visual stories that truly encapsulate your unique love story.

Contact us today to learn more about our bespoke wedding photography packages and let us be a part of your unforgettable journey down the aisle!

Short Day Prices (2hrs – Ceremony and Groups)

Digital Images Package

  • 1 Photographer
  • Images supplied on usb stick
  • Upgrade to an album later

Add a 2nd Photographer

  • 2 Photographers
  • Catch those candid shots
  • during the service

Add a small Coffee Table album

  • Photojournalist Style
  • On average 50 pages
  • Up to 120 ‘flush mounted’ images

Add a bridal portrait session

  • Beautifully lit portrait images
  • Unique to you and your venue
  • Magazine style imagery

Full Day Prices

Digital Images Package

  • 1 Photographer
  • Images supplied on usb stick
  • upgrade to an album later

Add a 2nd Photographer

  • 2 Photographers
  • Catch those candid shots
  • available on all packages

Add a Coffee Table album

  • Photojournalist Style
  • on average 80 pages
  • up to 200 ‘flush mounted’ images

Add an Italian album

  • Premium Graphi Studio Album
  • Large 40 x 30cm, 40 pages
  • Acrylic cover with other choices

The “Everything” Package

Everything - Good To Go!

  • Two photographers
  • Images supplied on usb stick
  • Italian main album
  • Two large parent albums

Choose Your Editing Style

When it comes to capturing the essence of your wedding day, as an experienced wedding photographer, I knows that every detail matters. That’s why I offer you the freedom to choose a specific editing style that perfectly complements your unique celebration. While the Vintage look has been all the rage, I am thrilled to provide even more options to cater to your individual taste and preferences. In addition to our beloved Vintage style, you can now opt for mesmerizing Black & White images that add a timeless elegance to your cherished memories. Or perhaps you’d prefer our Sunkissed style, which bathes your special moments in warm, golden hues, capturing the enchanting glow of your love-filled day. And let’s not forget about our popular Matt style, which boasts a soft and dreamy finish for an ethereal touch.

The best part? Your chosen editing style is supplied absolutely FREE! I believe that everyone deserves high-quality photos tailored to their vision without any extra cost. Alongside this remarkable offer, I provide you with a full set of standard edited images that beautifully capture every heartfelt moment and breathtaking detail of your wedding day. These magnificent snapshots are then delivered in a decorative USB package, ensuring that they’re not only safe but also displayed with elegance.

At Weddings By Michael, I take pride in the ability to transform simple photographs into works of art that radiate joy and preserve priceless memories. With my diverse range of editing styles and meticulous attention to detail, every image becomes a stunning masterpiece that encapsulates the true essence of your celebration. Choose us as your trusted wedding photographer and let us turn your dream vision into reality – one captivating click at a time!


  • Gorgeous vintage look

Black and White

  • Timeless black and white


  • A warmer vintage look


  • A matt look

Eternity begins with our lens…

Engagement shoots

Make your engagement truly unforgettable with our expertly crafted photography. Begin this chapter of your love story by documenting the joy and romance from day one.

The engagement shoot marks the start of your wedding journey, capturing the love and joy that surrounds you both. It’s normal to feel a tad nervous or self-conscious about being in front of a professional photographer for the first time. However, I’ve discovered that couples often surprise themselves with how comfortable and at ease they feel during the shoot.

On this special day, you will have the opportunity to showcase your authentic selves as a couple and create lasting memories. As an experienced photographer, I understand how to capture those genuine moments when your love shines through effortlessly. By guiding you with poses and offering gentle encouragement, they ensure that every shot exudes happiness and radiates your unique bond.

During the session, expect to laugh, embrace each other tenderly, and simply revel in the excitement of planning your wedding day together. As time passes by, any initial awkwardness quickly dissipates as trust builds between you and your photographer. The result? Beautiful portraits that reflect not only your physical beauty but also the emotional connection you share as soulmates.

Having an engagement photo shoot allows you and your partner to create beautiful memories in front of the camera. You can choose a location that holds special meaning to both of you, making it even more meaningful. During the shoot, you’ll have a chance to relax and be yourselves while getting to know your wedding photographer better.

This experience also gives you a sneak peek into what your big day will look like. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see how I capture your love, personalities, and unique chemistry as a couple. Plus, it helps alleviate any potential nerves or awkwardness before the wedding.

Moreover, an engagement shoot is not just about the photos themselves; it’s also about celebrating your love for one another. Capturing these moments allows you to share your excitement with friends and family by announcing your engagement through heartfelt images on social media platforms.

Whether it’s holding hands against a stunning backdrop or sharing laughs and stolen kisses, this engagement shoot will serve as a joyful reminder of the love that brought you together.

So don’t let nerves get in the way! Embrace this opportunity to celebrate your love story before walking down the aisle. Look forward to an engagement shoot filled with laughter, intimacy, and an infectious joy that will be forever etched into these romantic photographs – a testament to the incredible journey you’re about to embark upon as husband and wife.


Cherishing the bliss beyond the vows…

Post-Wedding shoots

Post-Wedding Photoshoots are a delightful opportunity for brides who may have missed out on capturing their Bridal portraits on their wedding day. These sessions typically last between 2 to 3 hours and can take place at various locations, including your favourite spot, your wedding venue, or even in a professional studio.

What’s incredibly exciting about location shoots is the plethora of creative opportunities available to showcase your love story in unique ways. Whether you envision an enchanting beach backdrop or a picturesque garden setting, the possibilities are endless.

There are countless reasons why couples opt for a post-wedding shoot. Perhaps you want to capture intimate moments without the pressures and time constraints of the big day. Or maybe you desire more artistic shots that showcase your personalities as a couple, embracing quirks and hobbies that make you special.

Another option is to change up your attire and get creative with different outfits. You can choose something that reflects your personalities or opt for formal wear if you prefer a classic look. This variety will give you a range of beautiful images that showcase different sides of your love story.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate elements from your wedding day as well, such as your bouquet or other decor items. These details will help tie the shoot back to that magical time and add a touch of nostalgia.

Consider timing your post-wedding session during golden hour, just before sunset. The soft, warm lighting during this time can create stunning, romantic images. And if you’re willing to venture outdoors, natural landscapes like gardens or beaches serve as gorgeous backdrops for capturing memorable moments.

Whatever dreams you have for your post-wedding shoot, wherever you wish to create those magical memories, trust me as your skilled wedding photographer to bring them to life. Together, we can discuss your vision and collaborate on ideas that will truly reflect your love and joy in its purest form.

Post-wedding photoshoots offer an extraordinary chance to celebrate your journey as newlyweds while revealing different dimensions of your relationship. Embrace this opportunity to create timeless photographs that encapsulate the beauty and happiness surrounding these precious moments.

So whether it’s capturing breathtaking landscapes or simply showcasing the love between two people in cozy indoor settings, post-wedding photoshoots are meant to be cherished forever. Allow yourself to explore new locations, express individuality as a couple, and bask in the euphoria of celebrating love beyond the wedding day itself!


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